Danjeon Breathing – Feel Better on Your Own

The Most Effective Breathing Method Ever!

Dangeon Breathing - Feel Better on Your OwnDanjeon Breathing is a self-healing energy art. It was created for wealthy and powerful Korean elites during the early days of acupuncture, for longevity, relief from aches and complaints and to bolster the immune system.

While breathing is always one of several critical aspects for other self-healing energy arts, with Danjeon Breathing, it is the only aspect.

New to America, Danjeon Breathing is mostly studied by practitioners of other energy arts such as Yoga, Reiki and Tai Chi. Their aim is to incorporate these breathing techniques into their own wellness strategies.

Why Danjeon Breathing is as Easy as 1-2-3

The entire practice of Danjeon Breathing method is centered on the lowest region of the body cavity. This is why the first thing you do is to center your focus on an area of the body women call the womb; it resides above the pelvic girdle near the base of the spine. Koreans describe this region as the Danjeon.

Location of the Danjeon

While beneficial in terms of general muscle tone and elasticity, the intended goal of all Danjeon Breathing poses is to open energy channels throughout the body. This way, the flow of life force energy and oxygen throughout the body can be optimized through movement, focus and visualization with each pose.

Fresh Life Energy In

After centering your focus on your Danjeon, you inhale and visualize Life force energy entering through the top of your head and passing down through your body to your Danjeon.

Spent Life Energy Out

On exhale, you visualize yourself expelling the residual spent life force energies in your Danjeon out and down through your legs and then out through your feet.

After a few days of doing the exercises, you’ll become attuned to the energy sensations. Most practitioners know they’ve recharged their Danjeon when they feel what is often called a pleasant, “Peppermint Patty” sensation on the balls of the feet.

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