Marshall Masters

Marshall Masters (2014)

Marshall Masters

Marshall Masters is the Executive Producer and Courseware Architect for the Danjeon Breathing for Wellness system. Publisher, author and radio host, Marshall Masters first became acquainted with Master Roar Sheppard in 2011, when he appeared as a guest on his Cut to the Chase program.

A few months later Master Sheppard informed him that he and Instructor Paula-Anne Damaskinos were giving a one-day class in Berkeley, California and invited Marshall to attend as their guest.

At first, Marshall declined because he was suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and could not handle a drive of over 140 miles round trip, from his home.

However, after feeling some relief from organic and Chinese herbal medicines, he accepted their offer and attended the class. That first day with Roar and Paula gave Marshall more relief than any pill or potion ever had. For Marshall, Danjeon Breathing was a blessing.

Two weeks later, and in just twenty minutes a day, his symptoms disappeared. Now all he uses to control his IBS are Danjeon Breathing and common sense eating habits.

Impressed by his own experience, Marshall started production on the Danjeon Breathing for Wellness, with Master Roar Sheppard and Paula-Anne Damaskinos in 2012. His plan was designed to achieve two goals.

The first goal was to was create an inexpensive, self-paced, home study course for men and women from the age of forty-five to sixty-five.   The second was to develop courseware that would be intuitive to Western minds with a rapid access to knowledge design.

Self-paced, Home Study Course

As a retired information systems analyst, his consulting clients included AT&T, HP, Lockheed Martin, Oracle and Sun Microsystems in the Silicon Valley and Marshall’s specialty was boil down vast, complex systems, into easy-to-understand, marketing collateral.

Consequently, as the Courseware Architect for Feel Better on Your Own, Marshall applied the very same knowledge access techniques he used with his Silicon Valley consulting practice to the topic of Danjeon Breathing.

Based on Marshall’s specifications, Marshall Roar Sheppard mapped out a core curriculum of 57 Danjeon Breathing poses for clarity, health and stamina. Dating back to the very inception of Danjeon Breathing, these 57 poses represent the most essential, powerful and easiest to perform.

Rapid Access to Knowledge Design

The Symptoms Handbook that is the core of this system, was modeled after the aid bag Marshall carried as a young Medic in the Army National Guard. He remembered that as a young man of 18, he’d been taught about everything in his medic bag:  Where to find it, what do with it and what he couldn’t do.

It was this memory that shaped the ultimate design vision for the Trainer Reference System. A fast, simple, direct way to help others.  To make it a Danjeon Breathing medic bag, much like the one Marshall carried as a young man, and with the same goal in mind.  While you cannot do it all, you can do what counts—fast!