Paula-Anne Damaskinos

Paula-anne Damaskinos (2012)

Paula-Anne Damaskinos

Paula is a Certified Danjeon Breathing Instructor in the Suseonjae style. A grandmother in her early sixties, she can race most thirty-somethings up a mountain trail and be the first to make it to the top—but it wasn’t always that way.

Even though Paula had practiced yoga for many years, her battles with cancer, depression and being overweight since the loss of her beloved husband were steadily eating at her golden years. She knew that and she decided to do something about it.

In 2009, she was introduced to Danjeon Breathing at a Suseonjae Center in Johannesburg, South Africa. Within a few months of practicing Danjeon Breathing each day, Paula lost her excess weight naturally and no longer felt depressed and tired.

To her delight, the ailments that had sapped her wellness were reversed, and her body became supple and vital. As a result, Paula’s life became fun again and for her, there was no going back. She decided to immerse herself even more into this ancient self-healing energy art.

In late 2010, Paula began studying with Master Roar Sheppard. A young American who had recently become certified as a master of this ancient self-healing in South Korea, and who was now traveling the English-speaking world to share this health freedom knowledge with others.

Inspired by Master Sheppard’s devotion to health freedom through service to others, Paula left her thirty-year career in the educational publishing arena to become a certified Danjeon Breathing instructor in the Suseonjae style, under Master Sheppard’s tutelage.

When you watch her demonstrating all of the 57 poses available in the Feel Better on Your Own Complete Danjeon Breathing System, keep the following in mind.

Paula-anne Damaskinos in Studio (2012)It took four, long shooting days in a cold green screen studio for Paula to demonstrate these 57 poses.

Working ten to twelve hours a day in winter weather, she performed all 57 poses while sitting, standing or lying on a cold, vinyl covered, concrete floor.

Always a smile and never a complaint, she would only ask for an occasional break in the shooting to deal with the bitter cold radiating up through the floor below. A persistent winter weather cold that would cause her muscles to spasm during the more aggressive poses.

When you watch these videos what you see is Paula is doing Danjeon Breathing for love—and for you. Gi It Da!