Master Roar Sheppard

Master Roar Sheppard (2012)

Master Roar Sheppard (2012)

Master Roar Sheppard is a Certified Danjeon Breathing Master in the Suseonjae Style. Having grown up in San Francisco with its diverse ethnic neighborhoods, Roar became familiar with several oriental health practices and medicines.

He knew they could do things that Western medicine fails at, such as treating the low back pain that had plagued his life for years.

Like most who come to the practice of Danjeon Breathing, Roar was determined to find a solution for his own health issues.

He tried a multitude of traditional Western and Eastern treatments and practices available in American, but none gave him the relief he needed.

In 2003 he accepted an offer to teach English as a second language in South Korea, where he continued his search for an end to his own back pain dilemma.

Initially, the results of his search in South Korea were not much different than in America. A shrug of the shoulder, pills for the symptoms and yet another bill to be paid.

That was until a close friend first introduced him to Danjeon Breathing. An ancient self-healing energy art dating back thousands of years. At first, Roar was dubious, but his pain motivated him to explore this new option as honestly as all the others.

Master Roar Sheppard (2006)But this time, the results would be dramatically different. Roar found his cure and within two weeks, the debilitating low back pain which had limited his life for nearly a decade, simply faded away from his memory.

However, it was not until his friend noted that he had stopped complaining about his back pain, did he realize the profound and positive results he was now experiencing through the practice of Danjeon Breathing.

It was then he experienced an epiphany of healing. That knowledge such as this must be shared and he resolved himself to become a master of this ancient art, so he could bring this health freedom wisdom back to America. To share it with other like himself who simply refuse to resign themselves to a lifelong misery of pills, potions and the baffled shoulder shrugs of Western practitioners.

While there are many different schools of Danjeon Breathing in Korea, Roar chose the newest, the Suseonjae style. Unlike other Danjeon Breathing styles which focus heavily on a a pathway to consciousness, Suseonjae is the newest and it offers a modern, fast-track pathway to health freedom. One that Westerners can easily see and appreciate.

Inspired by his own success and his goal of helping others, Roar chose to become a Master of Danjeon Breathing in this style, which requires years of advanced training. After five years of rigorous, disciplined study, Roar was certified as a Master in 2009.